The World cruise ship – VIP Private Tours success!

VIP Private Tours was awarded the contract to provide tours for 12 residents of The World cruise ship while visiting Batemans Bay on Wednesday 4th January 2017.

Our guests traveled in two small groups to each enjoy a four hour Coastal Highlights Tour that included a hands on experience at Signature Oysters on the Clyde River and close up photography of wild kangaroos with a stunning beach backdrop. 

The World has now moved on to Eden as part of its perpetual cruise for the 500 residents.

Large Pacific Oysters
Oyster Grower Kevin McAsh from Signature Oysters poses with guest from The World cruise ship
Oysters straight from the Clyde River are opened for guests of VIP Private Tours
Ewen McAsh from Signature Oysters provides detailed account of how oysters are grown, harvested and sold to markets around the world
Explaining the oyster life cycle

VIP Private Tours

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