Touring off the beaten path in style

Delightful service and great coffee at the Braidwood French Providor

Do you often wonder what your missing as you hurtle along the highway? That’s where we come in.

Classic Aussie pub at Major’s Creek

We can show you places that only the locals know. Take today’s private tour to Braidwood and Major’s Creek for example. We dined on the finest French galettes, pastries and cheeses and explored the back lanes of one of Australia’s original gold rush areas.

St Stephen’s Anglican Church in Major’s Creek

Our guests from the South Coast simply loved the all of the unique aspects of today’s tour exploring the classic Aussie countryside of the Upper Deua and Jembaicumbene Valleys. Would you know, it’s all just an hour from Canberra or Batemans Bay!

The old shearing shed

Whether you’re a South Coast local or a visitor, you’ll love exploring the back roads and villages of South East Australia with us.

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